About SemsarMasr, The property Website in Egypt

SemsarMasr is a property site and marketing platform for real-estate located in all Egypt cities and regions. It works as a smart connector between sellers and buyers and provides the property seekers all information to take the right decision either to buy or rent a property with confidence in Egypt.

Homeowners and real estate agents can place their Ads for rent or sale with ease using our friendly and strong control panel that enables you to post their properties in all Egypt including Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh, Al Mansoora, Alexandria, Giza, Matruh, Aswan, Sinai, 6th of October. Furthermore it enables you to get instant access to your detailed statistics and track your ad performance in real time.

SemsarMasr provides one of the most powerful search service to find properties for sale or rent in Egypt. Whether You are a home seeker or a real estate agent , you can search apartments, commercials, villas, lands, rooms for rent, buildings and chalets / summerhouses according to location, price range, surface area range plus many other useful search options.

SemsarMasr is driven by a selected team of designers, programmers and motivated by marketing specialists who continually pushing to SemsarMasr to the next level of success.

Welcome to the SemsarMasr website and always make it your preferred destination to search or place your property in Egypt

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